Dianna Hobbs receives a miracle!
At her '50 Women Praying" prayer
service the EEW Ministries Founder is
miraculously healed
Christians must do 5 things
In order to live out your faith according
to the Bible, believers must engage in
these things.
ISIS attacks Egyptian Christians
The latest attack on our Coptic Christian
brothers and sisters in Egypt was
perpetrated by ISIS
T.D. Jakes show canceled
The mega pastor is loved for his
preaching but did not find success on
daytime television
Singing for St. Jude
Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs recently
lifted up her voice for a good cause.
Watch her full set.
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Inspiring Christian mom gets award
Closed hands can neither
give nor receive blessings.
Be more generous!
Seasons of  testing are
tremendously difficult.
Here's a list of what not to
do in the middle of them.
Former EEW columnist
Rhonda Smith is helping
make Detroit better. Learn
more about her efforts.
Donate and help us in our mission to  reach
souls worldwide with Christ's love.
Get to know our Founder, Dianna Hobbs and
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Inspiring news & more
Ayesha Curry aims to reduce food waste:
‘I’m committed to loving food more to
waste it less’
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John Gray's OWN Show Gets Four Stars
“The Book of John Gray,” featuring associate
pastor of Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church, and
his wife Aventer is exceptional!
read more
Got a Grasshopper Mentality?
If you have a problem with thinking too small, here are some
scriptures to get you on track
. read more
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global news
'Sliding into catastrophe': South Sudan
famine could spread

Two months after the world's youngest nation declared a
famine amid its civil war, hunger has become more widespread
than expected, aid workers say.

South Sudan's Northern Bahr el Ghazal region is on the brink of
starvation, with 290,000 people at risk of dying...

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Distracted by the craziness of the
world? 3 scriptures to refocus you

All the latest news on Donald Trump, investigations
into Russian ties, who and what is racist, are all
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The Lord is your strength: 5 scriptures
for the weary woman

Sometimes, the responsibilities of life feel like too much to
handle. Your job keeps you busy; the kids keep you running;
and your schedule is jam-packed with things you don’t have
enough time to do.

All this can leave you feeling bogged down and burnt out!
When it seems as though the weight of the world is on your
back, recite these 5 scriptures:

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We Love It, Cheryl
Cheryl Fortune is not just a gospel
singer; she is a domestic abuse
survivor who is now using her
musical platform to raise
awareness and inspire those who
are still caught in a vicious cycle.
In this powerful podcast Diianna
Hobbs inspires you to anticipate
your due season
our advocacy // how you can help
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A Reward Is Coming
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Daily Cup

Take your eyes off
your situation &
focus on God

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Infertility Week

Struggling to get
pregnant? EEW  
stands with you.

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Hobbs' new role

EEW Founder &
husband are
appointed pastors

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Grow Your Faith

Are you struggling
to believe God?
Read this.

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Touching Story

It was a divine
meeting for such a
time as this!

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Battling doubt

Kierra Sheard
gets emotional
about self-doubt

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