Under the leadership of our founder, Dianna Hobbs, a humanitarian and activist, the reach and influence of
Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Inc. continues to grow. Through blogs, books, music, advocacy,
philanthropy, speaking and training, the mission and message of Christ is being spread around the globe.

For those who know Dianna well, it is not surprising that she is at the helm of an urban evangelism ministry
that uses the power of media to share Jesus. Since the tender age of 11, under the tutelage of her father and
current pastor Bishop Joseph Brinson, Sr., Dianna has been ministering the word of God to all who will listen.

Raised in the Church of God In Christ (COGIC), the largest African-American Pentecostal organization in
America, Dianna was taught the foundational principles of the word of God through formal training and also
earned her Evangelist-Missionary license.  

Though Empowering Everyday Women is a non-denominational ministry, Dianna says, “I am so grateful for my
upbringing and how God used it to mold me into a person that deeply cares about teaching sound doctrine,
upholding biblical principles and walking in holiness.”

Dianna married the love of her life, Kenya Hobbs, an ordained COGIC Elder, in 1998. Together, the two
ministers guide the executive leadership team of Empowering Everyday Women and are the proud parents of
four home-schooled children.

“My first ministry is to my family,” says Dianna, who, along with her husband—both Buffalo residents—received
the “Family of the Year” Award from the city’s Mayor, The Honorable Byron W. Brown, for being a strong
example, positive influence and beacon of light in their community.

Dianna is a Stellar Women of Gospel award winner and best-selling author. She has been named a “Top 100
blogger” by Women’s Bible Cafe™, one of the “8 Christian Thought Leaders You Should Know” by Belief Net
and one of the “70 Most Influential Black Christian History-Makers” by Black Christian News Network.

sexual assault survivor turned advocate, Dianna ministers to women who have lived through the horrors of
rape, incest and molestation. She is also an activist,
fighting for a cure for autoimmune diseases, which she
diagnosed with in 2017. Dianna is also an inspiration to those striving to honor God through abstinence
because of her testimony of remaining a virgin until marriage.

Dianna’s book,
The New A-list: Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, spent three consecutive months on
the Indie Best-seller list and is used by youth and women’s groups around the world as an educational and
motivational resource.

A psalmist and conference speaker, Dianna is committed to using every gift she has to proclaim that Jesus
lives, saves and empowers those who follow Him to live victoriously.

“I fell in love with Jesus at a young age, not knowing all He would do with my life,” says Dianna whose
company, Hobbs Ministries, partners with global brands like Verizon, McDonald’s, Lionsgate, Thomas Nelson,
Zondervan, Simon & Schuster and more, to promote faith-based initiatives.  

Early on, when Dianna majored in English and minored in Philosophy at Buffalo State College, the institution
from where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree, she thought, perhaps, she would be a school teacher.

“But God had other plans for me,” she often says.

These days the prominent leader’s teaching aspirations have manifested in ways that advance the Kingdom of
God and enrich the lives of many—young and old alike.

Dianna remains ever focused on serving God and others with humility, while inspiring as many people as she
can to also use their lives to share Christ’s message of love and hope with the lost, and broken.
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