About Dianna Hobbs
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If I had to write my own bio, it would be very short. I’m a girl from Buffalo who loves Jesus, my
husband since 1998, Kenya, and our four children Kedar, Kaleb, Kaiah and Kyla. I love dark
chocolate and cheese, a good warm cup of tea, and long Bible study sessions. I am a bit goofy
and will laugh heartily at a depiction of someone slipping on a banana peel. It gets me 100% of
the time. That’s all I’ve got folks. If you want to see silly me, follow my family vlog on
If you want a more in-depth view of my life, keep reading.
Official Bio

If one word can be used to describe Dianna Hobbs, award-winning founder of Empowering
Everyday Women Ministries, Inc., it is survivor. But if you ask the writer of Your Daily Cup of
Inspiration, named one of the Top 100 blogs for women of faith in America by Women’s Bible
Café™, she is much more than that.

“I am more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ,” says Dianna, referring to a passage of
scripture in Romans 8:37.

Not only is the Christian philanthropist a survivor of sexual assault, but she also survived a
near-death experience after a routine surgery in 2011. Most recently, the author of
God Did It:
A True Story of Miraculous Healing
, spontaneously recovered from two autoimmune
diseases—rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Doctors had given up all hope for Dianna’s recovery, but at a prayer service on March 26,
2017, God worked a miracle and instantly restored her ability to walk, talk and sing for His
glory. Now Dianna travels around the world, sharing her testimony of healing, inspiring hope
and faith in others, and interceding for the sick, broken and the lost.

She is named one of the “70 Most Influential Black Christian History-Makers” by Black Christian
News Network and she, along with her husband Kenya—both Buffalo, New York residents—
received the “Family of the Year” Award from the city’s Mayor, The Honorable Byron W. Brown,
for being a strong example, positive influence and beacon of light in their community.

Dianna’s podcast, which shares the name of her top-rated blog, is recommended by
Christianity Today. Dianna and her work has been featured on PBS, ABC, NBC, The
Washington Post, The Christian Post, Radio One, Total Christian Television, and numerous
other outlets.

She is a best-selling author and sought-after conference speaker whose funny personality, in-
depth knowledge of scripture, and passion for Jesus Christ sets the hearts of women and men
on fire worldwide.

Dianna, a homeschooling mom, has been married to her sweetheart and best friend, Kenya,
since January 1998. The two are proud parents of four children and make their home in
Buffalo, NY.

The EEW story

In 2005, when Dianna, a wife and mother of young children, moved from her hometown of
Buffalo, New York after her husband, Kenya Hobbs, landed a job in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, the transition was hard. All she had known was her small city that offered all the
comforts of great food, family and a platform for her budding ministry.

But once Dianna was uprooted from all she knew and loved, the Bible teacher who received
her ministry license at the tender age of eleven, felt like she had lost her identity. The then
expectant mother of three found herself in a slump. She homeschooled her children while
hubby was away at work from sunrise to sunset. “I cried every day,” she says, due to being
homesick, hormonal and having a difficult time adjusting.

“For the first time, I felt displaced, lost and confused about what I was actually supposed to be
doing with my life. What was my role?” Dianna reflects. “And it was at that very dark place that
God spoke to me and told me to inspire everyday women through the Internet, because, just
like me, they needed encouragement. Amazingly, God called me to inspire others when I was
the one who needed inspiring!”

At the time, the award-winning ministry leader admits she didn’t know anything about
technology or how to go about it, but she did her research. “I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but
I had a desire to obey God.”

Two years after relocating, Dianna’s online ministry was birthed. “At first, the growth was slow,
but I didn’t care about that. I was just happy God had shown me how to be obedient in some
small way. My newsletter had a handful of subscribers in the beginning and my blog, Your
Daily Cup of Inspiration, launched with no readers.”

But gradually, that changed. The word began spreading about the uplifting devotions from the
Delaware-based writer. Eventually, the newsletter blossomed into a full-on online magazine,
which became the primary tool and engine fueling the growth of the ministry.

“As we got bigger, so did the vision. God began birthing new ideas and plans in my heart, and I
just followed Him. He sent the people and resources to help out, and Empowering Everyday
Women Ministries has been flourishing under His direction ever since.”

Dianna’s big heart to help people wasn’t satisfied with just offering words of encouragement,
however.  “God put this fire in me to help others in a more tangible way and use my platform to
minister beyond words,” she says.

That’s when the charitable leader began launching campaigns, community initiatives, visiting
the sick, and providing resources to the underserved.

“I felt a greater sense of fulfillment when I helped others, like I was being the hands and feet of
Jesus. It just filled my heart up with so much joy and I knew I was on the right path, doing what
God has called me to do,” she says.

These days, Dianna, who originally had aspirations to be a school teacher, is teaching the
Gospel globally. She shares daily devotions, podcasts and newsletters, and is heavily involved
in missions. “Being able to provide grants to needy families, lead campaigns for sexual assault
survivors, pray for and advocate for chronic disease sufferers, and help out the most
marginalized people in society through effective partnerships is a dream—God’s dream—for
my life,” she says.

All the partners, donors and sponsors who support Empowering Everyday Women continue to
make that dream possible and give hope to a hurting world through Jesus Christ.

“I couldn’t be more thankful for the honor and opportunity to be used as a vessel to share the
glorious Gospel, serve humanity and live sacrificially,” she says. "I pray EEW continues to grow
and thrive, and bring God glory."
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