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SEPTEMBER 19, 2016
Article By Amy Bertinelli // Empowering Everyday Women Ministries
Are you raising children, building a business and hoping to find perfect balance? Well, according to
award-winning Christian entrepreneur Dianna Hobbs, there is no such thing.

“Know that there is no way to be perfect,” says the home-schooling mother of four, also founder of
Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, in a new video.

Hobbs’ answer, given alongside her husband of nearly 19 years, Kenya Hobbs, came in response to a
YouTube vlog subscriber named Nicole who asked for business-building tips while parenting seven
and eight-year-old sons.

“Love your family first above all,” said Hobbs, 39, who has been named one of the Top 100 Christian
bloggers and one of the 70 most influential African-American Christian History-makers.

Her family was also honored by the mayor of Buffalo, the city in which the Hobbs family lives, as
“Family of the Year.”

“Put God first. Make sure you don’t try to work yourself too hard. Give yourself time,” added Hobbs,
whose children range in age from 10 to 17.

Before doling out serious advice, she and her bank executive husband, known to share hilarious
dialogue on the recently-launched vlog, jokingly said, in order to find time to build a business, lock the
kids in the basement with "Cheez-Its®" and "hot dogs" to eat.

The two laughed heartily before turning the camera toward their four children: Kyla, Kaiah, Kedar and
Kaleb, who were sitting on the sofa giggling as well.

New videos of the loveable, humble, funny, Christian family can be seen on YouTube every Sunday
and Wednesday.

Watch the latest video below as Hobbs shares advice, takes you on a mother-daughter lunch date
and more.
Award-winning Christian entrepreneur says ‘there is
no such thing as perfect balance’ for mom-preneurs